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Flexible magnets

Flexible Magnets are made by consolidating Strontium or Barium ferrite powder with polymer, and granulated ready for further processing. Form in profiles, strip and sheets by extrusion/calendaring method. Magnetic sheet can be easily mounted/dismounted onto the surface and it does not damage the surface as standardly used adhesive foils. The graphics can be realized by offset, screenprinting or other printing technology. Magnetic holding force depends on type and thickness of ferromagnetic surface onto the magnetic sheet will be applied. Magnetic sheet can be easily cut by scissors, knife or die-cut into desired shapes.

There are three basic types:
  • Plain Brown Magnet. The flexible magnet material is coated to prevent the exsudation of toxic element from the surface, our plain brown magnet provide solutions for many application for reprocessing of printing industries.
  • Magnet White Vinyl. Plain brown magnet can be further laminated with printing media such as white vinyl in order to process for printing.
  • Magnet Self Adhesive. Plain brown magnet with self-adhesive tape laminated on the top side can be reprocessed for other products such as magnetic tape, sticker...etc.
Fridge Magnets, Vehicle Signs, Advertising Display, Toys and Games, Educational, Visual Planning, Graphics and much more.

Width: 610mm to 620mm
Thickness: 0.2mm to 1.5mm
In rolls of 15.2M to 61M.
Holding power:
0.4mm - 19 g/cm2
0.5mm - 26 g/cm2
0.75mm - 44 g/cm2
1.00mm - 57 g/cm2
1.50mm - 75 g/cm2


Permanent magnets (Coming soon!)

Ferrite magnets. Hardferrite (ceramic) magnets consist of ca. 80% of iron oxide and 20% of barium od strontium oxide. These raw materials are available in big quantities, so the magnets made of them are cost effective. Basic manufacture process is pressing, there are two processes - isotropic ferrite magnets are made applying "dry" process, while anisotropic ferrites are made by "wet" process. Isotropic magnets have the same magnetic properties in all directions, can be magnetized easily in any direction, but the energy product is low. Anisotropic magnets are pressed in magnetic field and keep the prefered magnetization direction. Remanence and energy product of anisotropic magnets is much higher than isotropic magnets. Ferrite magnets are hard, brittle and sensitive to crack. Machining is possible by grinding with diamond tools or cutting by water jet. Ferrite magnets are corrosion resistant in ambient environment, against weak acids, oils and solvents. Ferrites are not sensitive to external demagnetizing fields, magnetic properties remain constant in wide temperature range from -40?C to 250?C. Small cracks and stripping is normal for ferrite magnets and this wearing does not have any effect on magnetic

There are three basic shapes: circle, disc and block

NdFeB magnets. Neodymium magnets are the most powerful magnets in present with excellet magnetic properties, like remanence and energy product. Neodymium magnets are rare-earth metal based, main components are iron (Fe), neodymium (Nd) and boron (B). Other elements are mixed into the final alloy, like cobalt (Co), dysprozium (Dy) - these elements are added to improve magnetic parameters and thermal stability. Neodymium magnets are pressed in magnetic field where the magnetic domains are alligned into one direction and finally sintered in special vacuum ovens. The final stage is coating by nickel or zinc to prevent undesired oxidation. This is why neodymium magnets are nice, glossy and smooth-faced. NdFeB magnets can be coated also other ways: gold, chrome, epoxy coating, passivation. Neodymium magnets are usually supplied as anisotropic, working temperature is between 80 and 200?C depending on material grade.
There are three basic shapes: circle, disc and block

Prices: on request

Magnetic Photo Paper

It's easy to make your unique magnetic products such as a sticker, photos, photo frame, posters, display-board. Magmate brand ink-jet printable magnetic paper is magnetic sheet, and extremely ink-jet printable, compatible for almost every main brand ink jet printer. MAGNETIC PAPER IS NOT SUITABLE FOR LASER PRINTERS OR COLOR COPIERS. You can print out your pictures which kept in your digital camera through color ink-jet printer. The same photo effects as the traditional camera picture will fully satisfy your demand.

Material: Permanent Flexible Magnets, Inkjet (Photo) Paper
Size: A4
Thickness: 0.31-0.38mm (total)
Packing: 5 sheets per pack.
Price: 3,95 Ls

Magnetic Tape ( Self-adhesive)

These tapes are made of the same material as magnetic sheet in rolls, non-magnetic side is adhesive, the tape can be easily cut to desired length with scissors or blade cutters. Can be used to create magnetic items for Comercial Displays, to make magnetic pictures, signs, teaching aids, games, planning, organizing or modelling. Simply cut the lenght you need, and peel off the release paper on the self-adhesive side, and adhere to different surfaces you like such as paper, cartboard, plastic, metal...etc.

Material: Permanent Flexible Magnets, Self-Adhesive with release paper
Size: 12.7mm
Length: 3m
Thickness: 1.5mm
Price: 1,20 Ls

Magnetic Whiteboard

Write on / wipe off.
Material: Permanent Flexible Magnet
Size: 30 x 40 cm
Offset printing with write-on/wipe-off film
Thickness: ~ 0.7mm
Packaging: Poly Bag one pcs of magnetic white board marker with wipe-out cap
Price: 3.50 Ls


Prices on request

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